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        Products Section

        Rubber Products - Thermoset Rubber

        Rubber products Thermoset Rubber
        There are two types of rubber products
        Thermoset rubber and Thermoset Plastic Elastomer

        Clearly Thermoset Plastic Elastomer is not rubber but it exhibits rubber like characteristics and therefore is often considered as an alternative to rubber.

        Another article will deal with Thermoset Plastic Elastomer. This article looks at
        Thermoset rubber

        Thermoset rubber is used for its exceptional durability.
        Consider where the application is for a very flexible product that has heat and chemical resistance 慣hermoset Rubber?is the only sensible choose.

        Combined with its tear resistance it is often found in the most hostile of places, such as underwater pumps, portable power tools and equipment and sheathing for outdoor electric cables.

        Advantages of Thermoset Rubber:
        Resitance to high and cold tempertures ?it will remain flexible in the extremes of temperature.
        Resistance to Chemicals ?this includes oil
        Waterproof ?can be used for underwater cables
        UV Resistance ?Thermoset Rubber decomposes at a very slow rate when exposed to sunlight. The down side to this is that it does not biodegrade very easily and can take tens of years to degrade. So care must be taken when disposing of the product, its very similar to automobile tyres and should be recycled in the same way.

        Addictives and colours can be added to Thermoset Rubber, especially charcoal black which Thermo Plastic Elastomers can not accept.

        Thermoset Rubber is moulded using the injection moulding process

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