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        Products Section

        Clamshell packaging

        Clamshell packaging, China
        Clamshells are made from clear plastics such as PVC and RPET.

        They offer high visibility as well as protection. Printed advertising can be displayed inside the clam shell together with the product giving a low cost but effective look.

        ChinaMould offers low volume custom designed clamshells, to fit your product and any printed insert, perfectly, giving the appearance of a high quality product.

        As added protection against retail theft we can offer sonic welding around the edge of the clam shell and packaging your product. This service is of particularly value to those clients whos products are also manufactured in China as we can offer the entire retail packaging service.
        We offer a number of hanging tags, though the most popular and standard tag we offer is the euro tag.

        Tri-folds Clamshell
        Tri-folds Clamshells have been designed to be able to stand alone on checkout counter. A tag can also be incorporated giving maximum flexibility to the retailer on how best to display your product. There is only a small additional cost for the tri-fold of about 10% to cover the 3 part tooling required for this type of product.

        Contact Details:


        Office in UK:
        Unit 6, Wolf Business Park, Alton Road,
        Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire, HR9 5NB
        Tel: 0044-1989-561717

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        Office in China:
        No.58, Lane 1398,
        Zhen Chen Road,
        Bao Shan District, Shanghai, CHINA
        PC: 200444
        Tel: 0086-21-61427716
        Fax: 0086-21-61427750

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