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        Materials image plastic

        Nylon 12 (PA) - Polyamide 12


        1. High wear resistance, Higher than Nylon 6

        2. Good chemical resistance

        3. Ability to accept high loading of fillers

        4. Low water absorption



        1. High cost relative to other nylons

        2. Minimal heat resistance


        Nylon 6/6 (PA) - Polyamide 6/6


        1. Strength

        2. Stiffness

        3. Heat resistance

        4. Chemical resistance to hydrocarbons

        5. Wear resistance and lubricity



        1. High water absorption

        2. Poor chemical resistance to strong acids and bases


        Materials image ABS

        Polycarbonate/ABS Ally (PC/ABS)


        1. Processability

        2. Toughness -- even at low temperatures

        3. Dimensional stability



        1. Poor chemical resistance

        2. Poor weatherability

        3. Low fatigue endurance


        Materials image rubber

        TPE 60 and 80

        Thermoplastics Elastomers (TPEs) are a class of polymers that behave like thermoset rubber but unlike thermoset rubber, can be easily reprocessed and remoulded. The ability to process these materials with thermoplastic methods allows for design and fabrication freedom that thermoset rubber does not offer.


        Main Advantages

        1. Flexible and soft


        TPE varies greatly in characteristics depending on type. Some can have excellent chemical resistance but poor tear quality. Whilst other types can have strong tear resistance but poor abrasion resistance.


        For TPE its important to state the most important characteristics you require so that we can provide the most suitable formulation.


        Materials image PVC


        Characteristics vary greatly depending on the additives such as plasticizers, which can make PVC very soft. In general it is a low cost material and hard wearing.


        *note with all products the characteristics can vary if you put colour in them, i.e. a supple material becomes harder with colour.



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