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                About ChinaMould.com

                mould tool
                plastic mould image
                plastic mould image

                We offer precision mould tools at cost effective prices and short delivery times. We also offer small plastic prototype runs to mass production.


                From concept to reality, ChinaMould.com is a Chinese moulding factory in Shenzhen, China; with a European support office in the UK. China Mould Company, was established in 1994 and has been supplying plastic products to the auto and homeware industry ever since. All products supplied by China Mould come with mould flow analysis report, to ensure the most efficient design of product, ensuring a quality product.


                mold tool

                Contact Details:


                Office in UK:
                Unit 6, Wolf Business Park, Alton Road,
                Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire, HR9 5NB
                UNITED KINGDOM
                Tel: 0044-1989-561717

                chinamold.com logo


                Office in China:
                No.58, Lane 1398,
                Zhen Chen Road,
                Bao Shan District, Shanghai, CHINA
                PC: 200444
                Tel: 0086-21-61427716
                Fax: 0086-21-61427750

                chinamold.com logo

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