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        Products Section

        PPR Pipes and PPR Pipe Fittings

        PPR pipes and fittings are new products using latest advanced European technology. The main material is propylene random copolymer imported from Europe. These products have features which makes them one of the most popular plastic pipe products on the market. They are widely used in heating systems for its high temperature resistance.

        There are few different types of PPR pipes used for different applications. Considering them being made mainly of plastic, these pipes are highly durable but also very light which is very useful for handling and installation. One of the main advantages of these pipes is their corrosion resistance and their ability to remain clean and highly hygiene.

        PPR pipes can contain layers of different materials like metal, fibre glass etc. These are added for better performance in either very high or low temperatures and also to add an extra characteristics to PPR pipes depending on their future use. Some of these pipes come with a special antibacterial layer that prevents any bacteria growth and these are largely used especially in water pipes and supplies or other industries required high level of hygiene. These pipes are also resistant to minerals that normally courses decrease in diameter of an ordinary water pipes.

        As one of the new and advanced plastic products, these pipes come in different colours, thicknesses and incorporated additional materials for higher performance. We can find them in heating systems, water pipes, portable water supplies but also for transportation of chemicals and many other industries.

        ppr fitting
        ppr fitting

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