About The Practice of Douglas Ballaine, D.O.
This practice started January 1, 2012 as an outreach to medical cannabis patients who has little access to traditional medical care. At this point I offered primary care services and medical cannabis consultation services. With the advent of Obamacare healthcare became more available and as of The end of March, 2016 I retired from primary care and I now focus my attention completely on medical cannabis consultations.

My educational background is relatively extensive and this along with my 26 years of experience in Osteopathic Medicine (I started medical school August 1990) has prepared me to work with patients of varying degrees of medical complexity.

My education started with the study of Theology and after this I moved on to Premed at Willamette University in Salem Oregon. This resulted in a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. From there I attended Oregon State University from August 1986 through June 1990 undertaking graduate work in Organic Chemistry. As mentioned above, I started Osteopathic Medical School in August 1990 at the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona California. My post graduate work in medicine involved two years of residency at Maricopa Medical center in Phoenix Arizona and one year of Family Practice at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach in Long Beach California.

After acquiring my Osteopathic Medical License in May 1996 I worked for Western Health Sciences University serving as the physician to a medically indigent adult clinic in Rancho Cucamonga California. After this clinic closed in 1997 I started work for the Department of Community Medicine at San Bernardino County Hospital where I did hospital work, served as a physician at Sierra family Healthcare Center and received experience working in geriatrics. 

When the Department of Community Medicine lost it's funding for my position I went to work for Lasalle Medical Associates and helped them start an adult medicine practice in Fontana California. Note is made my work experience has always included working with children from newborn to 18 years of age. In 2001 I started my own practice named Rialto Family Medical Group. This practice was two pronged: there was an ambulatory care clinic for the general population and a Home Visit department to help patients unable to leave their homes. I also I did Hospice work for those who wanted to remain with their families during their hospice care. With the advent of Medicare Advantage funding for this became more restricted and Rialto Family Medical Group was forced to close. 

After RFMG I worked for two Community Health Centers (one in Lakeport California before moving to Santa Rosa California and started my career in the Medical Cannabis field.

I utilize a traditional approach to medical cannabis consultations. Particular attention is made to the patients medical problem list and the traditional medications they are on. With regard to a patient's medical problem list a discussion is made pointing out how medical cannabis may help the patient's problems and even more important discussion is made regarding how medical cannabis my aggravate a problem. For example cannabis has been known to accentuate the effects of Warfarin, a common blood thinner. The medications a patient is on is discussed with each patient and in many cases it is pointed out a medication is doing harm to the patient.

Once a medical cannabis recommendation has been approved by me and received by the patient ongoing education and visits to address questions or address side effects is offered at no charge for the duration of the recommendation by appointment at the clinic.

I thank you for your interest in my practice.

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